NCBTMB Approved Courses

Continuing Education

As a Continuing Education Approved Provider for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) Jason has been teaching Structural Integration methods based on the teachings of Ida P. Rolf and Manual Corrective Techniques for over 20 years and translated his vision and experience into the development and continued enhancement of Structura Body Therapies unique system of advanced body therapies and proprietary training programs. Upon completion of these three main CE courses one would be eligible to sit for the Board Certification for Structural Integration.

Licensed Pracitioners

The Structura Institute also offers training programs designated to teach continuing education Structural Integration programs and Continuing Education Programs to individuals that within their scope of practice allows manipulation (means contact with movement) involving touching the clothed or partially clothed body.This could include the following individuals as long as they are properly licensed and appropriately represent themselves; a physician (including osteopathic and naturopathic) or surgeon, a physician assistant, a licensed nurse, a massage therapist, a physical therapist, a physical therapist assistant (while under the general supervision of a physical therapist), a chiropractic physician, a hospital staff member (employed by a hospital, who practices massage as part of the staff member's responsibilities), and an athletic trainer.

Continuing Education Program Prerequisites:

A Certificate of Completion will be awarded upon completion of each program. Placement assistance is not offered. Schools may never guarantee placement or wage and salary levels. All 3 Phases must be completed and all transfer credit accepted to be eligible for application to the International Association of Structural Integration to become a Board Certified Structural Integration Practitioner.

Learning Objectives:

Facilities and Equipment

Professional products are used for all therapy and clinical training. The training facility is equipped with industry standard equipment that includes professional therapy tables, wall charts, and white boards. LCD projectors, video, and audio equipment are also available for use in the classrooms as needed.
The training includes the use of state of the art software programs including the ePete® Postural Therapy system.The training facility has a parking lot, a breakroom, WIFI access for Internet, a public clinic, and administrative office.

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